Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We need a minute of your time and a few clicks on your computer! Please take a moment of your time to read the following.

We need a minute of your time and a few clicks on your computer!



We are applying for a $250K grant with LivingSocial and Chase Bank to assist with the expansion and creative growth of ArtSpecifier and to do so we must have the support of at least 250 people.



ArtSpecifier’s mission is to strengthen our communities by connecting artists with opportunities that develop and expand their artistic careers and infuse art and creativity into our communities, deepening and enriching all our lives.



In the next phase of our growth we plan to develop new initiatives that will offer artists the opportunity to develop the pragmatic skills needed to grow and sustain creative careers as well as implementing strategies that will foster connections between individual artists, businesses, and a myriad of other resources.



Please click on the Blue/Purple TinyURL link below to get to our page then click on Learn More (bottom left), and it will take you to the Chase Mission Small Business page. On this page there is also a "learn more" button, but don't click it. Instead, click Log in & Support, You will log in to your Facebook page, after doing so, it will automatically bring up the "vote local" page. Then please put in the following information when asked, business name, Artspecifier location, Massachusetts, city: Bedford and then click on Search. Next. click Vote. You do need to be a Facebook member to vote.





Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Each and every vote matters and signals your commitment and belief that artists and the arts are instrumental in forming thriving, vibrant communities. Please vote today, as the deadline is June 30th.

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