Thursday, March 29, 2012

painters, sculptors, glass and ceramic artists, mixed media and collage artists checkout, and like us.#art is a sampling of the exciting artists featured on the member only web site, for painters, sculptors, glass and ceramic artists, mixed media and collage artists. is for photographers.  It is a curated site and specializes in linking the art and design communities directly with artists working in all media world wide.

We R excited 2 have recently featured in Hospitality Design Magazine

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Exciting new artists currently uploaded on Don't miss out on these talented artists. #art, #artists and are both curated art sites linking the art and design communities directly with artists and photographers working in all media world wide.  Currently there over 300 artists and photographers exhibitied on the two sites with over 50,000 views looking to specifier these artists for projects like hotels, hospitals, corporations, spas, restaurants, casionos and private residences. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

I goofed, please click on and like us so we can reach 1000 #art, #artspecifier

Please like us on so we can reach 1000 likes. #art, #artists

Cat Telsa is a talented painter currently exhibiting on #art

CAT TELSA Six, 40"x 5" totems on birch: acrylic paintings by Cat Tesla, Atlanta, GA. Tags: geometric, minimal, acrylic, wood, sculpture, collage, red, orange/copper, yellow/gold, black, brown, white, grey/silver, beige, organic, nature, contemporary, abstract, abstracts, earth, wall sculpture, calm, ethereal, earth tones, warm, soft, painting, paintings, mixed media, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, residential HTTP://WWW.ARTSPECIFIER.COM

Sunday, March 25, 2012 is pleased to announce a new photographer, click to see his amazing work

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Peter Van Rhijn is now exhibiting on, see the beauty of his amazing photographs!

Hello [User Name],


PETER VAN RHIJN has been a stock photographer for 27 years and his images of nature have been marketed and sold around the world. Peter is an Associate of the New England Council of Camera Clubs and a member of the Fuji USA Talent Team. He is an internationally recognized presenter of large-screen audio-visual shows featuring the Earth and Mother Nature. His images have been included in countless publications world-wide and in many books celebrating the beauty in nature, including The Last Wilderness (edited by Freeman Patterson), Endangered Spaces (World Wildlife Fund), Islands of Hope (edited by Lori Labatt and Bruce Litteljohn), Romancing the Land (edited by Lorraine Monk) and Canada, These Things We Hold Dear, A Centennial Celebration (edited by Lorraine Monk.)

Imagine how stunning these photographs would be in the right hotel, hospital or corporate environment. The gorgeous florals, perfect for exhibiting in the corridors of a regional hospital- think about the scenic images for corporate spaces or a local hotel near the setting featured in the photo. Look carefully at the minute detail he derives in each image, the way he captures the truth in the scene, the integrity of the flower or the reality of nature at its finest. You can reach out and touch the mist from the rain, the bead of dew on the flower or feel the chill of the snow. This hyper realistic vision of the photographer grabs your attention and doesn't let go. That is what you want when you add art to a space, enhance, mystify, challenge, engage...Peter Van Rhijn does all of that with his thoughtful and technically advanced photographic eye.

Sandstone wave in Coyote Buttes visible only just before sunset. Utah, wave, slickrock, Coyote Buttes, sandstone, layered, striped, sunset

Wintery shoreline of small Haliburton Lake, near Dorset Ontario. Haliburton, lakeshore, shoreline, winter, wintery, Ontario, Nordic inn, tree, snow, scene, shadows

Rainy day in the forest along the Niagara Escarpment, near Milton Ontario. Rainy, foggy, misty, forest, green, Niagara Escarpment, Bruce Trail, Milton, Ontario

Despite its reputation as an aggressive alien intruder, Purple Loostrife is a very attractive wildflower seen in wetlands. Purple loostrife, Lythrum Salicaria, alien, species, intruder, Ontario, flower, wildflower

Wood lily, lilium philadelphicum, growing in a bog along the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. Wood lily, woodlily, dew, lilium philadelphicum, Ontario, meadow, bog, wildflower, flower

 Fall colors along Oxtongue River, Ontario. Oxtongue, river, rapids, fall, colors, Ontario, Canada, morning, haze, hazy, foggy, red, greem, orange, leaves, tree, white water

Please enjoy more haunting images of Peter's on Peter is pleased to do special commissions for hotels, hospitals, corporations or other public spaces.




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Friday, March 23, 2012

lots of exciting new artists are exhibiting on is a curated website linking the art and design communities directly with artists working in all media world wide.


JOEL ARMSTRONG- Memories of nightime fishing on the Texas gulf coast, with the sounds of water lapping on the side of the boat, sailboat rigging in the distance, and gulls laughing above help create this installation of more than 200 wire fish swimming beneath the surface of the water. A 12 foot rusted boat serves as the main light source in the gallery.   You can see more of Joel's work on