Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some Examples of Jewelry from Rattlesnakedesigns

These designs for bracelets and necklaces are made up of natural stones, horn, onyx, glass, bone, exotic gems and minerals. Each uniquely designed bracelet or necklace is hand assembled with unusual combinations of beads and stones so that no two are the same. They come in small, medium and large sizes and are elastic to give maximum comfort to the wearer.

The price for each single strand designed bracelet is $48.00 including packaging and postage. The double strand is $75.00 including packaging and postage. The necklaces range between $75.00 and $150 depending on the detail of the item and the individual cost of the materials used in the piece. I have sold to several stores in the north east, craft shows and to private clients for several years.

I began designing jewelry over 40 years ago and some of the beads and findings I include in the designs actually come from the '60s. I have decided to devote more time to my jewelry and create a line to be available at craft shows throughout Massachusetts and on the Internet. There is a web site with a pay pal account attached for people wanting to purchase these unique items. If the exact piece is not available that someone selects, I can design a similar one for them using many of the same materials however, it will not be an exact copy of the piece they selected if it has been sold. http://www.rattlesnakedesigns.etsy.com/