Saturday, June 25, 2011 has just added some new images by artists featured on is a unique curated website linking the art and design community directly with professional artists working in all media world wide.  If you are a designer, architect, art consultant, dealer, publisher, gallery owner, purchasing agent for hotels, hospitals, casinos, restaurants, spas, corporations, you can register on the site and receive a complimentary membership to use the site.

Professional artists interested in being featured on the site can submit their work by signing in on the site with an artists membership.  If they are approved, they can then view the site and determine if they want to join and upload their images.  Artists pay an annual membership fee of $100 to upload as many images and create as many albums as they need.  Artists can also design their own homepage with a link to their website.  The site is marketed to over 4,500 designers and architects, art consultants and other art specifiers as well as over 40,000 social network users.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011 is a special place where artspecifier members are featured for all to see. I think you will love the art on the site. is a unique curated website linking the art and design community directly with artists working in all media world wide.  This is a searchable site for the use of gallery owners, museum curators, architects, designers and art consultants and any other art specifier looking for unique works of art for either exhibition or for their projects.  Here is a sampling of some of the works.

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Monday, June 20, 2011 enjoy a fabulous group of talented artists with just a click. is a unique curated website linking the art and design community directly with aritsts working in all media world wide.  Artists can submit their work to the site by signing in and registering with an artist's membership.  Once they are accepted, they can review the site and determine if they want to upload their images and have us market their work to our members and to another 40,000 architects designers, art consultants, galleries, purchasing agents for hotels, hospitals, corporations, spas, restaurants and casinos.  We also have some residential clients using the site that are collectors.  Below is a small example of artists on our site.  Please have a look both her and on our  site.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Izzy Iguana Is Invited to Israel" is a travel book for children, buy it here now

Izzy Iguana Is Invited israel is a delightful story in rhyme about an Iguana family about to embark on trip to Israel, Papa, Moma, Izzy and his sister Kim.  The story is about planning the trip and then traveling to the country.  Children learn about the key cities in Israel as well as iconic places that helped shape this marvelous country.  It talks about the history, it's people, it's culture, it's food and it's traditions.  The text actually changes color when Izzy speaks and since it can be a interactive book with the reading child participating when the color changes.  Please give it a try and check out the book on Amazon, you can see many of the pages on their site.  You can also check out and read some of the pages on that site too.  There is also an e-book that you can find on ""

Friday, June 3, 2011 this is really important for my friend, please help, thanks

Vote to give this idea 5K: create a discussion forum - Bring Your Loved One Home #pepsirefresh @Pepsi

I have a HUGE favor to ask all my wine friends ...

Last summer my mother died in my arms. She was happy, at home, peaceful, gazing out at her gardens and the mountains beyond. However, the process of caring for her and making her comfortable for that last month was quite a strain on my family. I also learned - the hard way - that there is no place to turn in the middle of the night when you're online and desperately need some small caretaking fact or tip, or even just want to talk to people going through the same circumstance.

So it's become my dream to establish a community discussion forum for people who are caring for their loved ones at home in their 11th hour. There's so much to learn, practice and know in those final hours that it's staggering. 

You can help me by voting for my project in the Pepsi 'Refresh Everything' competition.
Currently, my project is #135 out of 143 applicants in my category. I need to be in the Top 20 to win a grant.

My blog, which explains the program, is: Bring Your Loved One Home

Please vote EVERY DAY in June!

Pepsi Vote Page: ... doneshome#

You can also vote by texting: Text 106480 to Pepsi73774 (737-747-3774) to vote from your mobile.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate and value your support!